Taulia Most Remarkable Man

Taulia is a San Francisco based technology company that makes accounts payable software. They were seeking to set them apart in their industry and create a face and personal connection for the brand. Drawing, ahem, inspiration from other debonaire characters in the world of marketing, we took Taulia Chief Product Officer Markus “Maex” Ament and turned him into the most remarkable man in accounts payable automation.

The videos were shot entirely on a portable green screen brought to the Taulia office. We then gathered and dropped Maex into a series of situations that showed just how adventurous and magical the world of accounts payable can be.

Taking on a life of its own, the character and the videos became the center of Taulia’s marketing strategy and drew them acclaim from inside and outside the industry.



Direction/ Editing/ Special Effects: Joe Case
Production: Julia Maryanska
Camera: Jeffrey Carroll